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Roztoka Chalet / Schronisko w Dolinie Roztoki
Roztoka Chalet / Schronisko w Dolinie Roztoki  - 1130 m. a.s.l.

Chalet located on Roztoka Valley.
Significant tourist and sight-seeing attractions :
- well-known waterfall called Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza (called in 1890),
- numerous cascades of Roztoka stream, from waterfall Siklawa till to its estuary near the hut,
- mossy moraine stones and salvages tattered from Czuba,
- dark damp Opalony rocks, covered steep spruce forest,
- rocky Świstówka walls,
- wide stands of alpine pine,
- Bacowa Rock, original flat stone at the higher layers of valley,
- the rock Dziadula near the trail, on border of forest,
- wide panorama of Buczynowa and Roztoka Valley from the place called Rzeżucha (the fork of black trail),

Open: all year

Number of beds: 68

+48 18 207 74 42

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