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Krzysztof Mierzejewski
My name is Krzysztof Mierzejewski. I was born in 1973 in Nowy Targ a small town situated in one of the most picturesque corners of the south of Poland called Podhale.
Since childhood intense contact of the surrounding nature has always stimulated me to capture its beauty. But only recently I have discovered that the photography became my passion. Photographing the beauty of nature is my favourite topic. My inspiration comes from the magic places I have had a chance to visit. However, dearest to my heart are the mountains which are my greatest challenge and inspiration. Mountains give me the feeling of freedom and peacefulness. You can experience the greatness of the nature and fragility of the human being. Mountains make us feel humble and trigger thoughts concerning life and mortality. My photos are not just a recording of light but a form of expression of my myself, my sensivity and experiences. It's a subjective view on the surrounding beauty. This is a story of a journey which my life is. I'd like to share this feeling with you and let you become a part of my journey.
I hope you will like my pictures.

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