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From Zdiar to Tatranska Lomnica
Zdiar – Monkova Dolina – Kopske Sedlo – Dolina Bielych Plies – Chata pri Zelenom Plese – Sedlo pod Svistovkou –Tatranska Lomnica - Total 8-9 h

Classification: Demanding all‑day high‑mountain tour with strenuous ascents up the Monkova dolina valley and to the Sedlo pod Svistovkou sad­dle. Orientation in the high‑mountain environment is comparatively good even in lowered visibility. The Chata pri Zelenom plese cottage is the ideal place for a short relaxation and refreshment. It also offers shelter in case of emergency.

Basic route:

1. Start – Strednica (~1.100 m ) – parking, buffet.

2. From Strednica to Monkova Dolina valley (930 m) around Vtacie Turne (1.080 m ) –
Start on the side asphalt road heading to the Magura hotel. Continue about one kilo­metre across a meadow with nice view of the Belianske Tatry Mts., then through the forest to the crossroads to the Monkova dolina valley ( 930 m) where the route of the instructive path with six stops starts.

Dolina monkowa

The first two thirds of the ascent are on forest path which runs long the Rigelsky potok brook. In the final part of the ascent you will certainly recognize the bizarre world of cliffs of the Belianske Tatry Mts. above the upper timber line.

Descend from the Siroke sedlo saddle ( 1,825 m) on the rock edge on the southern hill side of the Hlupy Mt. ( 2,061 m) to the Kopske sedlo, saddle ( 1,750 m). In the wide grassy saddle with unique view of the mountains Havran and Zdiarska vidla you will find yourself on an important geomorphologic boundary.

Set out on the south‑eastern branch of the blue hiking path heading from the Kopske sedlo saddle to the Predne Kopske sedlo saddle ( 1,780 m), beyond which the wide valley of Biele pleso with beautiful Velke Biele pleso lake ( 1,615 m) opens. Continue from this mountain lake, next to which the Kezmarska chata cottage used to stand on the red‑marked stretch of the main Tatra hiking path "magistrala". Comfortable path almost tracing the con­tour line will carry you through the dwarf pine canopy to the valley of Zelene pleso. This easy stretch will allow you to have a closer look at the huge rock triangle in front of you.

The charming environment of the Chata pri Zelenom plese cottage ( 1,551 in) invites to relaxation and refreshment while you can contemplate the reflec­tion of the Jastrabia veza tower on the greenish water table of the Zelene pleso lake.

7. Continue from the cottage of the main Tatra hiking path “mag­istrala” to the Sedlo pod Svistovkou saddle ( 2,032 m) ,
while the rock eleva­tion called Velka Svistovka ( 2,037 m) is not far away from it. The view of the head of the valley of Zelene pleso from its top is most beautiful by the end of May or in June when mighty waterfalls fed by snow thaw water are failing over the high rock step below the Mala and Velka Zmrzla dolina valleys.

Widok z Tatrzańskiej Łomnicy

The "magistrala" will carry you on down on the south‑eastern slope of the Kezmarska stit peak ( 2,556 m) turned towards the Popradska kotlina basin. Precisely at this place, high above the basins you will realize the impressive height of the highest range of the Carpathian Arch

Slightly descending traverse on rocky hillside heads to the Skalnate pleso lake ( 1,751 m). You can use the cabin lift to go down to the village of Tatranska Lomnica ( 850 m).

Widok z Łomnickiego jeziora na Łomnicki Szczyt

10. From Tatrzanska Lomnica
to Zdiar by bus (direction Lysa Polana).

Note: From 2009, the route is officially available in two directions.

You can skip the demanding ascent to the Sedlo pod Svistovkou if you descend down the yel­low‑marked trail to Biela voda (total 7 3/4 hours).

You can also turn off onto the green mark next to the Velke Biele pleso lake to continue to the valley of Siedem pramenov and end up at the village of Tatranska Kotlina (total 7hours).
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