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Around Zdiar
Around Zdiar (3 - 3.5 h)

Strednica - Monkova Dolina (Monkova Valley) - Strednica

Classification: Easy walk with low altitude difference. It ruis on cart roads and quality paths with easy orientation. The route offers opportunities of short breaks and refreshment. Avoid the main road communication with busy traffic, if possible.

Basic route:

Tour starts at Strednica ( 1020 m a.s.l.) or Pension VASKO (1011 m a.s.l.). A side road turns off at the bus stop and turns in rectangular curve to ascend to the upper end of the village. It is a several kilometre axial road of Zdiar.

Pension VASKO (1011 m a.s.l.) – first building in Zdiar from on this way.

Ździar Four most valuable groups of houses are protected as the reserve of folk archi­tecture. A short retour to the first side road on the left is recommended beyond the church in the middle part of the village. When you reach the last houses you mill have the opportunity to admire the most frequently photographed sceneries of Zdiar with the church and the village in the foreground and the panorama of the Belianske Tatry Mts. in the background. This pleasant walk can be finished by a visit to the Zdiarska izba Museum with interesting exhibitions.

4.  Walk on the main road westward from the Zdiarsky dom. At the crossroads turn left onto a short hiking road, which leads to the bus stop. Cross the main road and continue on side road towards the Magura hotel ( 900 m).

The meadow in front of the hotel offers a wonderful view of the Belianske Tatry Nits. with the mountains of Havran ( 2,151 m) and Zdiarska vidla ( 2,142 m). Enter the forest at the upper end of the meadow. Walking along the Biela brook you will arrive at the crossroads to the Monkova dolina val­ley ( 930 m). But the route of the trip does not continue up the Monkova dolina valley. It ascends on the green‑marked trail up the tapered part of the dolina of the Biela potok brook, which avoids the Plosove Turne Mt. ( 1,080 m) by long curve.

Beyond the curve the road turns to the north and ascends to the ski area of Strednica ( 1,020 m). On a wide meadow, full of skiers in winter, the unique panorama of the Belianske Tatry Nits. opens again in front of you. The busy Cesta slobody road runs along the northern side of the area. Route back to the starting point - Strednica.

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