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Pawel Opalinski
Paweł Opaliński comes from Kielce. He graduated from the design department at the Academy Of Fine Arts in Łódź. At present he is preparing himself for defence of a doctoral thesis in the press design which she specialises in. An illustrator, a graphic and photographic designer, he has been a member of świętokrzyski circuit of Polish Artists-Photographics Union since 2008. He was prized for his works in and outside the country in some prestigious photography contests such as “international photographer of the year”in New York, Argentina, Spain and Slovakia.
You can admire his works on the exhibition titled “30 years of świętokrzyski Circuit ZPAF” at BWA Gallery, Kielce. This year he has been awarded a gold medal of International Association of the Photography Art FIAP and a gold medal of XXIX International Photography Contest titled “ the mountainous landscape”.
He is a main artistic supervisor in “Echa Dnia”
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